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Around Life's Curves in American Craft Council Magazine

by gustav reyes on March 03, 2017

"Reyes gratefully attributes his success to support from his wife and parents. His family moved back and forth between the US and Mexico, where he was born, settling in the US in 1973 when he was 5 years old. The family made Chicago their home, and Reyes’ Puerto Rican father, a carpenter who worked construction, sometimes brought along his young son to work sites. There, he taught him woodworking basics and impressed on him the pride of good workmanship. They spent time together like that until Reyes was 11, when his father was killed in a work accident. “My father was my hero,” he remembers." (Brigitte Martin for American Craft Magazine, 2017)


Humbled by an excellent review of my work featured in American Craft Magazine, written by Brigitte Martin and edited by Monica Moses and Judy Arginteanu. The article is now up on the website.