Balance & Growth: Ebony/Birdseye Maple Wedding Set

by gustav reyes

Ebony/Birdseye Maple Wedding Set

These rings came out of the shop made us moon-eyed.

Partnerships are all about balance, or a constant engagement to work toward balance.

These rings -- ebony and birdseye maple -- present and enactment of those sweet efforts. The throughline, what binds them, is a shimmering inlay of ruby, yellow topaz, and mother of pearl. 

In the pictured rough-hewn box, the rings will have a beautiful place to rest together, while their owners going swimming or rock climbing or whatever heavy activities they like to do. 

A scrap of a poem, from Alice Notley's "Clinical Thermometer with Moonstone," via The Poetry Foundation:


"I love you as a fan loves air. oops it’s/vice-versa I/told you about that/character/She is a bezel/awaiting the plop of a/ruby she must grow/chronically"

We wish for the wearers of these rings to grow chronically, together, in balance, and to have a beautiful life together!