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by gustav on May 02, 2012
Alexander Calder's work has greatly influenced the ways I consider and create art jewelry.
I came across a fantastic article on Calder's jewelry from 2010 when the show Calder Jewelry curated by Mark Rosenthal was being shown across the US. The article, Alexander Calder's Jewelry: going mobile was written by Cathleen McCarthy. Rosenthal stated that,
"Calder was accounting for all the components, how each part would be read in relation to the other parts, as well as how those parts would be affected by the person wearing it.” Not only does one consider all the elements of design but, when creating art jewelry, its imperative to consider the ways in which it will interact with the human form.
The article also mentions Rosenthal's belief that Calder's work was a parody on wearable art. He says, ”In a lot of ways, this stuff isn’t very wearable at all... I think of the wearer as being sort of bewitched by the wearing of it but also like something surreal come to life, a surreal manifestation."
A great article. Take a look here: you want to see something really great check out this video of Calder performing his "Circus"