Can I provide my own wood for a custom wood ring?

by gustav reyes

Can I provide my own wood for a custom wood ring?

We're always asked by customers if they can provide their own wood and the answer is....


We started Gustav Wood Rings with the idea that our wood rings be simply beautiful and meaningful. To make our rings more meaningful, we love using customer provided wood. It is very important that your wood ring tell your story whether it is created from your own provided wood or our eco-friendly sourced wood. Additionally, we are not just limited to just wood as an inlay it can also be provided sand, stones, or even other types of plant life, like flowers. We love the unique quality of materials because we understand love can be uniquely beautiful. We believe love exists in the simple part of life when no one is looking. It’s a breath, it’s the color of the summer sky, it’s the rain that gives you the space to feel. Well, you can see that we take your story seriously because it gives our life meaning to be a small part of telling your story.

Provided gold mined in Alaska by our customers' grandchildren

We are constantly amazed by the wonderful stories that we have been a part of, some are grand gestures and some sweet and touching, but every single one of them is moving, in its own way. A couple’s important moment remembered by inlaying flower petals, stones from that summer walk with the one you love, dirt from the land of your family, and vintage mother of pearl buttons that carry the story of love and protection through ages, it is because of these unique materials drive us to create these wonderful simple wood rings. Two becoming one yet maintaining their uniqueness is what we strive for in our wood rings.

Provided wood & Provided Flower petals
Rosewood with provided rose stem (from our customers' first date)

Over the years we have worked with many different materials, some work better than others, but in every case, we have been able to create a wood ring that is beautiful and deeply meaningful. Additionally, through the years, we have been part of a wonderful community of the best customers any artist could ask for so for that I am grateful to have been apart of your life. Find out more about how much wood is needed for a wood ring by Gustav Wood Rings requires.

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