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Gustav Wood Rings - Impact on the enviroment

by gustav reyes on March 06, 2020

It is our duty to understand our impact on the environment.

Our practice as a small business comes from our desire to create and how we treat the planet and its life.  We believe humans have adorned themselves with ephemeral things such as flowers and plants long before metal, making this connection is a natural one for us.

Impact of gold mining

Gold for one wedding ring generates 20 tons of waste

  • Poisoned waters
  • Solid waste
  • Destroyed natural areas

      Community Impact

      • Endangered Communities
      • Human right abuse
      • The toll on indigenous people
      • Worker rights

        We are eco from the onset, we don't offset. 

        We understand for many companies today dealing with environmental impact means trying to offset their practices with various forms of creative environmental accounting.  Good design comes with the responsibility that the environment and its inhabitants come first.  Good design comes from the onset so we don't need to offset.


        Make an impact with less impact.

        We believe that for many, the human brain is comfortable living in the future or the past and the traditional wedding rings keep us tied to what will be or has been.  Gustav Wood Rings gives the world a truly natural Eco-friendly wood wedding ring.  


        We realize love exists in the present moment and while it may be scary for some the world needs wood wedding rings.

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