A Historical Record

by gustav
My love and appreciation for wood is never ending. It is an incredibly useful material with a minimal effect on our environment. 

For centuries, wood has provided humans with shelter, warmth, tools and furniture. I find great inspiration in this long history and I like to consider earliest man interacting with the material in the most basic of ways.


Wood is imbedded with many layers of symbolism. The history of the wood, the time, the place is all apart of it. Each piece of wood has a story to tell. It keeps a record of its environment and each year brings new growth that marks its past. The rings of a tree can teach us about the environment and specific events in the trees life. It holds it's history within and its living energy expresses it outward. In addition to the objects a craftsman creates, this imbedded history and energy is expressed, adding to its depth.

Ring - Ad Idem Collection, Gustav Reyes 

Ring - Ad Idem Collection, Gustav Reyes