Joya Barcelona Art Jewelry and Gustav Reyes

I had the opportunity of spending time in Spain to show my work at Joya Barcelona.  I think I got more from the people and place of than the show I exhibited in.  Don't get me wrong the show was wonderful as many of them are, but they do tended to follow similar aesthetics and carry the same agenda, still a wonderful show.

The first time in spain I was much younger snot nose artist studying painting and drawing for a summer.  So I thought.  I didn't produce anything more than your standard postcard imagery.  I was afraid of making real work, at the time that didn't really bother me as it should not have.  I believe youth is about learning to make mistakes and never stop after that.  I also believe as I get older it is more about knowing that your mistake are where life exists.  It's about knowing that the creative process as jackup as it may feel is where we a as humans exist in our truest sense.  You can say that is how we got to Now, one glories mistake after another.   Upon seeing the landscape and cityscapes of Spain  said aloud, Oh thats what cubism is.  Anyone that has ever walked the streets of an old european city can see that.  I believe picasso's cubism not only exists in the work itself it exists in the the people and way they built their world.

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