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Kickstarter Project Launches on Valentine's Day!

by gustav on February 13, 2013
Show your love for eco-conscious small business and for beautiful bent wood objects! The Kickstarter Project launches on Valentine's Day! The project will last for 30 days.

View the Kickstarter Project here! 
The Project
I am asking for support to obtain a wood compression machine so that I can reduce my carbon footprint by sourcing locally fallen trees and by limiting the use of precious resources. My desire is to design and share unique and sustainable handcrafted pieces with those who connect to the material and the work. Obtaining the machine would be sustainable in the following ways:

>Source Locally, Save Trees 
With the machine in Chicago, it would be possible to use wood that would have already been taken down for construction or by natural processes.

>Reduce Resources 
As it is, the wood I use is sourced from the Midwest, then shipped out west to Washington, compressed and shipped back for use. With the machine in Chicago, we would cut down shipping and create a more streamline and sustainable process.

>Reduce Wood Waste
Wood is one of our greatest resources, it has provided shelter, warmth and tools for thousands of years. The compressed wood allows me to reduce the amount of cut off or waste that is produced to create my work. Which means, less wood on the floor and more to use!

>Eliminate Use of Chemicals and Glues
Traditional methods of bending wood require harmful chemicals and glues, with compressed wood chemicals and glues are not used, therefore creating a healthier work environment.