La Belleza Vida

by gustav
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One of the most rewarding aspects of creating jewelry is the response from people who feel connected to the work. 

Last year I created a ring for a fellow jeweler, Heidi Abrahmson, whose father was a wood craftsman. Her ring stands as an homage to her father. It is an honor and privilege to create work that touches another human so deeply. In addition, Heidi wears her ring proudly completing the even exchange of energy.

I am eternally grateful for those people who not only appreciate my work but also desire to share it with others. Elaine Belleza is one of those people. After purchasing a bracelet of mine several months ago at a show, she recently honored me on her blog with a posting. Elaine is a very interesting woman and her blog is worth a few return visits. View the post on the blog of Elaine Belleza here.

A million thanks to Heidi, Elaine and the all those who truly appreciate my work.

to the wind and the stars...