Metal vs. Wood Rings: Why Materials Matter

by gustav reyes

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When it comes time to celebrate a treasured life event, an equally meaningful representation is in order. At Gustav Wood Rings, we practice a craft that has been revered through the ages, further infused with an extraordinary story… yours.

Rings and other forms of jewelry have been ornamenting the human body since prehistoric times. The first known examples were fashioned from the talons of majestic birds, and date back a staggering 135,000 years. Other ancient materials used in ring and jewelry making included snail shells, eggshells, stone, and of course, wood.

Past civilizations that helped create gold’s popularity include the Varna civilization (Eastern Bulgaria), the Mesopotamian, and the Egyptian culture. With various adaptions in jewelry design, these civilizations shaped the current perspective of gold around the world.

In a literal sense, one can say that metal jewelry is one of the “newer” fads in personal adornment.

Metal vs. Wood Rings

These days, many people believe that metal jewelry is the only option available, influenced by a multi-billion dollar advertising industry. The purveyors of precious metals insist that their product holds the singular language for expressing a romantic emotion. They also aim to sell a symbol standing for something that does not actually exist: permanence.

But obviously, love speaks in all tongues. At Gustav Wood Rings, we believe that the best way to tell a love story is to tell your own. An artisan-crafted wood rings create an alternative to the old-fashioned and impersonal metal rings.

Through our exclusive use of salvaged and repurposed woods that tell a tale of their own, we are receptive to life’s continuing cycle, while acknowledging the sanctity of the present moment. This values the immediacy of the now, instead of pointing to the past or the future. Our wood rings show off your extraordinary style with a beautiful, natural aesthetic, and an option to incorporate some of your own personal items in the piece itself. In your ring, you will discover much more than a mere accessory. It will hold a precious part of your story, captured with love.

All materials have obstacles, but purchasing precious metals could have serious repercussions. The process required to extract gold and platinum, along with the industry’s detrimental socio-economic impact, has an adverse effect on our global community.

We’ve got a list of things to consider before purchasing precious metals:

  • Consider what’s entailed in mining for gold. For many, a sunny image of pickaxes and river streams may come to mind. But long gone are the days of the California Gold Rush. In fact, so much gold has been taken from the Earth that it is now only found in relatively small concentrations, demanding entirely different techniques. Modern extraction methods for gold include violent blasting operations and treatment with toxic chemicals, like cyanide. The cyanide can then leach into soil and groundwater, posing a significant risk to people, livestock, and wildlife.
  • Platinum mining also accounts for numerous concerns. The process creates excessive air pollution in the form of dust and sulfur dioxide, massive energy and water consumption, and toxic chemical runoff. Society is deeply affected as local farmlands are often taken over by mining companies, who prioritize economic interests over the production of food.
  • The effects of mining are still affecting marginalized communities throughout the world, from South Africa to Myanmar to Peru.

An eco-friendly Gustav Wood Ring is constructed of organic salvaged or repurposed wood. In some cases, we’ve given fallen trees from the surrounding area a second life. Other woods are sourced from like-minded organizations who would rather not see valuable timber get misused, or sent to a landfill. Wherever its roots may originate, our materials are always non-toxic and responsibly sourced. From start to finish, we employ natural methods that don’t harm the Earth or its creatures.

The Better Choice

We hope that you understand your purchasing decisions matter. While Gustav Wood Ring is not perfect, we are offering a kinder, friendlier, and a consciously curated solution to the traditional metal rings influencing everyone today. Your ring is sure to inspire others, as they will undoubtedly express a natural curiosity about this unusually attractive piece. Your story, along with how the ring came to be, will plant the seeds for the next person to grow.

Gustav Wood Rings are the leader in beautifully unique, highly personalized wooden rings. We provide you with unmatched customer care to create an exclusive and elegant piece of wearable art that tells your own personal story. Handcrafted in the Pilsen, a neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. Your rings are prized not only for their distinctive aesthetic and narrative but for the kind and globally conscious process by which they are made. We bring our respect and reverence for the Earth, for life, and for tradition into each and every piece.

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