Monkey Mind and a Life before Mind.

I try to be in tune with my physicality. During times of stress and upheaval it is difficult to do so, although, I'm realizing that it is the most important time to be connected. A few years back, I began researching the Toltecs, an ancient civilization. They believed that humans tend to have a "monkey mind" - a constant stream of consciousness that lacks direction. A monkey mind, leaves you at a stand still. 

Monkey dressed in the guise of the Aztec/Toltec god
Ehecatl-Quetzalcoatl, the Wind God.

Monkey mind prevents our bodies from guiding us. Our biology, which I believe is also where God exists, is the 'life before mind'. Before mind we existed to create and to project our existence into the physical world. I believe that conformations of our modern existence has sabotaged us from following this innate, biological and even Godly desire.

Recently I had been spending many hours in thought with a furrowed brow, desperately searching for the answers. I was looking outside of myself. Then, one morning, I was somewhere between unconsciousness and consciousness (sleeping and being awake) when I had a realization, a calm feeling. I realized that because I was putting too much thought into it the issue, I was not allowing my own biology to guide me. 

It is hard to trust instincts that seem to be suppressed by almost everything we see and experience on a daily basis, however if you quiet your monkey mind, you will be free to enjoy your own biology and allow yourself to live a life before mind. 

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