Nakashima Inspired Art Jewelry

"To be intimate with nature in its multifaceted moods is one of the greatest experiences of life."

-George Nakashima

The Key Ring was one of my first rings and is an homage to George Nakashima. Nakashima was an innovative woodworker and furniture maker whose inhale and exhale matched that of the material he used. His elegant works represent the American Craft Movement.

His reverence for nature rests in his sensitive designs. His signature technique was a joint he called the 'butterfly joint' which acted as a key, holding weak points of wood together by it's simple shape. In the beginning, he would hide this technique under table tops. Once he was more established and respected he began using the key joint not only as a functional element but also as a decorative one. I find great inspiration in his innovation and by the ways in which he expressed the intrinsic beauty of nature. 

Visit his site for more on the great Nakashima here:

Key Ring by Gustav Reyes

Table by George Nakashima

Butterfly Joint detail by Nakashima

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