On Your Fifth Wedding Anniversary

by erin miller

In 1922, Emily Post released her critically acclaimed and decades revered book Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics, and at Home. Many of the cultural traditions that people in the United States continue to follow stem from this book. Perhaps most famously adhered to are the traditions she established surrounding wedding anniversaries. Post wrote that each year, on the anniversary of one’s nuptials, you honor the person you’ve married by giving them a gift. She then laid out a specific guide that detailed a specific gift that corresponds with the year anniversary. For the first year the two lovers should gift each other something made out of or involving paper, for the second year they give each other something constructed out of cotton, and so on and so forth. However, what we at Gustav Reyes Wood Rings are particularly interested in is the fifth wedding anniversary gift: the gift of wood. 

Now, there are many ways to gift something special to your betrothed that keeps in kind with the tradition of wood. Cufflinks, a nice cutting board, or hell, even an old school decoy duck to really spice up the interior design in your home. What we consider to be the perfect gift for your wedding anniversary is the gift of a handcrafted wooden ring. Not only would a wooden ring continue to fall in with the traditional gift of wood, but it also goes one step further by venerating both marriage that led to the wooden ring, and the marriage that led to the wedding ring. 

We have a large variety of rings that would serve the purpose of being the 5th anniversary present. Our first contender would be one of our Birthwood rings. Birthwood is a concept that takes traits associated with the month of one's birth, and associates them with woods and gemstones that have similar traits ascribed unto them. You can find out more about Birthwood (and even get involved with this project) here. Our Birthwood rings are the perfect thing to get for your partner as you enter into your fifth year of matrimony, seeing as there are many ways to customize these rings to tailor them to the specifics of your relationship. You can have the wood of the ring be your Birthwood, and the gemstone be your spouse’s birth stone, or vice versa. Or, you can have both of your birth stones inlaid in a wooden band associated with the Birthwood month of your marriage. There are so many possibilities for this ring that make it a perfect gift for the fifth anniversary!

One of our other rings that is well suited for this kind of present is our incredibly striking Always and Forever ring. Using flower stems and petals, we create a wide inlay in a ring made out of the wood of your choosing. We can supply, the flowers, but better yet, this is an opportunity for you to customize this ring and give it a highly personal touch. Our recommendation? Use the flowers from your wedding bouquet to incorporate into the ring. We wouldn’t need all of them, so you would still be able to hang onto the bouquet if you chose to keep it with you throughout these years. The flowers from your bouquet being put into a ring is an excellent way to recycle a material that has a deep well of meaning, repurposing it and giving it new life. 

If neither of these options sound appealing to you, don’t fret! We love to take custom ring orders here, we think they’re so much fun to puzzle together and figure out how to best convey everything that your partner means to you through an object. Obviously, it’s impossible to capture those feelings in their entirety, but we can come pretty damn close! Some of our more recent commissions have been rings crafted from the branch of a tree that our customers had first met under. Another couple included drift wood and sand from the beach that they were married on. More recently, we’re expecting wood to arrive from the pews of a cathedral where our clients had met each other for the very first time. There are a lot of strong emotions often tied to time and place and the people you met there, who you were there. These rings are special because they aren’t just a promise from you to your loved one, they’re also a way to have the physical places where your love first blossomed with you wherever you go. By that extension, these wooden rings are a way to have your loved one with you as well, always. 

When your fifth wedding anniversary arrives, and you’re looking at your partner and noticing the flecks of grey in their hair, or new lines around their eyes when they smile that seem to linger longer now, think about getting them a gift that can transport you both back to when and where you first met. A wooden ring serves as a reminder of where it all began for the two of you, while giving space to be a vessel that also holds where you are now, and where you hope to be. Beyond that, a wooden ring looks beautiful next to any traditional wedding or engagement band (wink)! 

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