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Outward Expression

by gustav on February 17, 2012

I view adornments as being of the self. Adorning the self is a pure form of expression and I believe it to be a primitive instinct. The human desire to attach objects to the body that are beautiful, inspirational or symbolic is a way of taking the mind and expressing it outward. In doing so, we communicate with those around us.

The most rewarding aspect in creating is when those around me are deeply touched by what manifests from my own desire to express outwardly. When I stumbled upon this stunning image on Facebook, I felt instantly connected to the simplicity of the adornments and symbolism that it must contain. It parallels the philosophy that drives me each day to create art jewelry.

The image was posted on a Facebook page titled "Africa" - with a FB account you may view it here.  

to the wind & the stars...