Prong Setting Super Post

by gustav reyes

Tiffany and co 6 prong patent

In 1872 Ferdinand J. Herpers patented the prong setting for the Tiffany Company, who had introduced it as the “Tiffany Setting” in 1886.

It is an embrace of a setting, the prongs used in a similar way to how we use the fingers of our hands.

At Gustav Wood Rings, we’re always amazed at how different one prong-set ring looks from another. Recently, we’ve moved away from a simple pin-mounted setting. We like to use a prong setting laser-welded to a metal ring inlay. as you’ll see below. We find they’re stronger that way, and quite striking.

Custom Wood Ring with Provided Stone


Ruby Wood RIng with Prongs

Love is Now Wood Wedding Set By Gustav Reyes

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