Reimagining Rings

by erin miller

A few months ago, a customer that we had worked with as Simply Wood Rings had reached out to us. This customer had a ring design that we no longer offer due to the fact that it has proven to not be as durable as our current, more time-withstanding designs. After six years with her ring, it had seen a great deal of wear and tear, and she was inquiring about what her options could be to salvage the ring. 

As soon as we received this email, we were determined to figure out a fix that would leave our customer feeling happy and satisfied, while also trying to create a stronger band that would honor the ring that she had been living with for the past six years. We don’t just see the rings that we make as mere objects that are disposable at the first sign of wear. Instead, we think of the rings that we create as symbols of where your life has led to this point, and where you hope your life will go. These rings are vessels that carry the meaning of the relationship that you share with another person, that you share with your family, or even that which you share with yourself. It’s important to us that we’re honoring the intangible value that these rings hold throughout your journey with your ring–from first design, to recreations, and every refinish in between. 

With this in mind, we asked our customer if it would be okay if we made her an entirely new band that incorporated pieces of her old ring. This new band, made with a dark, rich Walnut wood, had an inlay of diamond dust to give it an additional level of sparkle. Below that inlay is an inlay containing elements of her old ring: shaved pieces of the wooden band, as well as fine flecks from the silver band. In a pattern that alternates between these splinters of light wood and these splashes of silver, and in combination with that elegant diamond dust, these inlays come together to contrast the dark wood, standing out in a way that makes this ring truly dazzling. 

In order to really do right by our customer, we crafted an additional ring. This one was an exact replica of the ring that she had initially purchased six years ago. We took the silver band from her original ring, and inlaid it between two fresh layers of wood, with a wooden band uniting the three separate bands into one. With these two rings completed, we hope that they will serve a dual purpose: the first, to keep an eye to the past and honor what has happened, and the second, to keep an eye to the future and hold space for what is to come. 

This process of recreation and reimagining rings from years ago is one that we are always excited to undertake! We love the opportunity to create rings that will be cherished for years to come. If you are interested in a refinish, or are interested in going back to the drawing board for an old ring that you adore but could use some more love, please do not hesitate to reach out! Email us at :)