Studio Visit: Dominique Bereiter

by gustav
Last week, I had the great fortune of a visit from the jewelry artist Dominique Bereiter. Dominique has been following my work for some time, and invited me last spring to speak at the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG), where I had a wonderful time.

Dominique and a friend visiting from Baltimore voraciously and joyfully descended upon the studio and wanted to see and know about everything in it. We had a great conversation about the genius of primitive man and my recent experiments with shou sugi ban, the Japanese wood burning technique I recently blogged about.

Dominique's lively eyes lit upon a newly finished piece: a necklace made with AD IDEM (Norm Sartorius) wood and a piece of cold bent hickory. I was able to get a couple of pictures before she and her friend waltzed off to continue their Chicago artist touring.

I'll be working on this iteration of the collection, and will share as I finish more pieces. I love the marriage of the rough, colorful, hand-worked chunks, to the sleek, cool hickory. 
And I'll look forward to seeing Dominique at the next Baltimore American Craft Council show!