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Curious New Brooch Design

Curious New Brooch Design

I've been in the shop preparing for some upcoming shows (see "On the Road Again" a few posts back for a list of shows). With these pieces I was exploring space and weight. They are pretty far from anything I've created before.

Materials used are Cherry, Walnut, Titanium and Stainless Steel. All handmade in Pilsen, Chicago at Gustav Reyes Studio.

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A D    I D E M

O F   T H E   S A M E   M I N D

I have always been the type of person who can pick up scraps and discarded materials and create something interesting with them. Since I was a child, I was carving swords and toys out of scrap wood and branches I found laying around.

Nothing has changed as I've grown. I love scavenging through old materials and scraps and creating something new! This has and will always be a very stimulating and fulfilling experience for me.


New Brooch Design by Gustav Reyes

New Brooch Design by Gustav Reyes

This month I have some free shop time since I don't have any shows! I'm excited to go in different directions with the work. Check out the new brooch.

Exchange of Energy

Exchange of Energy

I've been gearing up for the JAWA Chic show in Bridgeport (Chicago) next month (Oct. 19-30) at the Zhou B Arts Center. I'm excited for the show. The idea of the show is to present art jewelry at an elevated level. The pieces will be displayed on the wall as if in a gallery. I have also considered my pieces to be miniature sculptures, especially the rings. I create with this always in mind. Art jewelers put as much time and thought as traditional artists and therefore I believe they should be given the same...

Wearable Art Events in Chicago

Excited to share my work in my own hometown twice this year!

Chicago is an amazing cross section of art, food, industry and diverse cultures which makes it the perfect backdrop to shows featuring forward thinking art jewelers.

On October 20 and 21 I will participate in JAWAChic, a new show aimed at featuring art jewelers who create unique handmade works. Take a look at the video from last year!

Get ready for the One of a Kind Show in Chicago in early...