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Tactility & Visuality

Tactility & Visuality

Cherry & Silver
I was drawn to the way the wood responded to the cuts. There are strong ridges in the wood creating a unique texture that creates a very appealing tactile and visual effect.
Walnut, Silver &...

life force

life force

Wind LanguageĀ 
The wind blows strong in Chicago today. In many ancient cultures the wind represents life force. All we can do is surrender.

Gustav Reyes - Smithsoinian Craft Show - Wood Art Jewelry

In 5 day we leave for 2011 Smithsonian Craft Show in Washington DC. In 6 days I turn 43 years young. I always felt that at some point in my life I would feel like an adult. Like knowing exactly what your doing and where your going. Well as I work my way thru my forties I have made my way back to my childhood. What I mean is that I have decided to work as I did when I was 9 years old. Doing what I really love to do...

Bridge Gallery of Contemporary Art | Coming soon: Eric Silva

Bridge Gallery will soon feature the brilliant work of California Art Jeweler, Eric Silva!
In the meantime, view Eric's work at : ericsilva.com

Bridge Gallery of Contemporary Art
Chicago, Illinois 60608

312 788 7059


The purpose of Bridge Gallery is be a portal where creator and viewer are able to experience a raw exchange of energy. We select artists who are authentic. Artists whose contemporary work expresses honesty to material and to life. We desire for guests who enter our portal, a visual adventure that stimulates the...