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Brick & Mortar Representation

Brick & Mortar Representation

Lay your eyes and hands on my wooden jewelry at various locations around the United States.

My pieces photograph like sculpture, but it can be difficult to imagine the work as a functional piece...

The designers mantra.

The designers mantra.

Form & Function

Aaah... a powerful statement in the world of design, it could even be considered cliché. For me, it is a mantra. Something I say to myself to ease my troubled mind. The clasp of this new design exhibits the functionality of holding the piece on the body and simultaneously acts as the ornament... Bringing us closer to enlightenment.




Form & Function in Walnut
Sometimes the hardest part of creating something new is naming it! Any ideas for this piece? 

This is a prototype for a new piece. These square forms are totally new and feel like a breath of fresh air. 

La Belleza Vida

La Belleza Vida

Cocobolo Ring / View 1
Cocobolo Ring / View 2

One of the most rewarding aspects of creating jewelry is the response from people...

Home accents by Gustav Reyes - Contemporary Wooden Lamps

Wooden Lamp Arc Series by Gustav ReyesWooden Lamp Arc Series by Gustav ReyesWooden Lamp Arc Series by Gustav Reyes
Introducing home accents by Gustav Reyes. The work is infused with a deep appreciation for nature’s gift of wood. Each piece is created with the idea that the home is a sacred place and should be occupied by objects that...