We’re Moving!

by erin miller

The past year and a half has been a period that has required a great amount of elasticity. Settling into an idea of a “new normal” has required so many of us to stretch far beyond the reach that we all had previously thought was our limit. Figuring out just how pliable we could be has been hard, so many of us have been left exhausted and spent by the steamroller that has been Coronavirus and its various, interrelated and equally gruelling associates. For better and for worse, and whether by luck or by force, this time of strife has caused a lot of us to reevaluate our priorities, to reconsider what we center in our practices. 

Right before the pandemic began, Simply Wood Rings as the business it was once known to be, was dissolved. The URL had been sold, and the fallout from that was set in motion. It was a humbling and grounding experience, but also one that is allowing our business, Gustav Reyes Rings, to once again find its roots. It’s like pruning a plant, sometimes a lot has to be cut off a large tree in order for it to continue to grow. Sometimes, that growth looks like downsizing, which is exactly what we’re doing in the next few weeks. 

For a long time, our studio space has been in a beautiful ground floor gallery in Pilsen. This space has served us well, but it has come time to part with it. We are returning to our humble beginnings: our home studio! This business was founded on the idea that materials matter, especially when they are going into something as sacred as a wedding ring or an engagement ring. We believe that every relationship has a story, and that your wedding rings should do more than just unify two stories into one: they should be forged in the understanding that two stories had become one long ago and incorporate the physical, material elements that bore witness to your meeting. Each wooden ring that we make is packed with symbolism, intentionality, and meaning. Nothing in this process is done without the highest standard of care and consideration towards the materials that we are working with. To be able to now be creating these rings in a home, not just a studio, but a home, only adds another layer of depth and love to the story of your ring. 

Before the end of the year, Gustav Reyes Rings will be operating from home, where we can better focus our time and attention to the wooden rings that we make and what makes them special. We’re going back to our roots, and this means that above all else, we continue to center our connection to our earth, our materials, and each other. We will be posting pictures of the new studio space once we have it all set up, stay safe, be good, take care!