by gustav
Organic Coil Walnut - Limited Edition Ceo

Pictured above from Left to Right: Organic Trefoil Brooch in Cherry, Square Knot Circle in Walnut and Cherry and The Three Treasures Neckpiece with Cherry, Pearls and Silver. 

As an artist who relies heavily on word of mouth and internet publicity to gain support, I am eternally grateful to bloggers who appreciate or are excited by my work enough to stand behind it and share it on their blogs.

The downside to this, of course, is not having too much control over who or what is put out there with my name attached. I haven't had too much to complain about which is a relief and I hope this speaks to the validity and credibility of my work. Recently, however, I came a crossed a post that seemed like a backhanded compliment. In the end my feeling is that, the blogger developed his or her angle and ran with it, however, it left a bitter taste in my mouth. The particular post, in a nutshell seemed to question the wearability of my work.

I'm not as concerned with the post as I am with the subject of WEARABILITY.

Introducing wood into a jewelry world that attaches great value and importance to the use of precious materials was a difficult task. In the beginning, I endured a few noses raised in my direction. I didn't let this discourage me in creating my work because I have always felt very strongly about the use of a material that parallels our fragile existence as a living (and dying) energy. This philosophy of mine, completely contradicts the "traditional" thought surrounding jewelry as something that is eternal.

Another hurdle existed within the world of woodworking where tradition is a long standing value. My bent wood pieces caused many to question the techniques, structural integrity and validity of my work. Understandable of course, and most people were very receptive after engaging in conversation about the work.

In all, I think the questions the work incites are positive. It tells me that viewers are interested in the forms enough to think and question how they could be possible. I have always strived to design pieces that are not only functional as jewelry but at the same time function as sculpture; as an art piece. Contemplating ideas of form and functionality is a balance that has been explored by artists and creators the world over in all medias. Blurring the line between jewelry and art is what drives me.

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