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What happened to Simply Wood Rings?

by gustav reyes on February 15, 2020

Well, funny, you should ask. My name is Gustav Reyes. I founded Simply Wood Rings in 2005 and sold the URL in early 2019. I have now come to regret that decision. I say I sold the URL because I did not sell the company, the ethos, or anything that I truly value. I am coming out of deep funk I have been in for the better part of a year. I have been teaching woodworking to kids and adults on Chicago's southside, which has given me another reason to continue with what I enjoy, connecting people with my work both to it and by way of it. I have added my wooden wedding and engagement rings to to once and for all bring my Wood Art Jewelry and my wood rings together. Below you find links to questions you may have or if your just curious and would like the long answer.

I loved Simply Wood Rings how can I help?

I have always struggled with the business side of this ie social media marketing and all-around organizational structure. So if you believe you can help please email with your idea thoughts. (Please no solicitations)

I have a few questions regarding your rings and would like to know what happened to Simply Wood Rings?

The short answer as above I sold the URL. The long answer can be found here.


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