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Custom Wooden Rings by Gustav Reyes

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Our custom wood rings are a collaboration.  We love working with clients to make meaningful pieces that incorporate traditions, stories, and materials from their lives. This process enriches our own lives and work: we get to learn and grow as we make each piece.

Your Own Materials

We can transform your own wood and other inlay materials, (like stones, fossil and sand), into an elegant and meaningful custom wood rings. We also have a variety of special and responsibly-sourced materials. Learn more about many (but not all!) of the great woods and stones we work with. If you do provide materials, wood intended to make up the custom wood ring must be at least 12" x 2" x 2". Smaller pieces of wood may be used for inlay.



Price for a custom wood rings is based on the intricacy of the work required. Our goal with any custom order is to help transform a piece of wood into something noble and worthy of its prior life.


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Ring Profile Guide

Soft Flat Cross Section
A slightly softer looking profile than totally flat (Most Popular)

D Cross Section
A ring profile with a round outside and a flat inside

Reverse D Profile
Flat on the outside but a more comfortable wear.

Courting Profile
Slightly curved both on the outside and inside of the ring