FAQ | Gustav Reyes Wood Rings

What about my free refinish for my simplywoodrings wood ring?


We understand your wood ring will need care into the future so, for previous SWR customers, and other non-SWR customers we offer you our tiered refinish and repair options here.

We also have our “Care Plan” of $265 for 5 years of care which includes refinishing, re-wrap/restoration and at least one full replacement of your ring. Please see “Care Plan” for more details. 


Can you refinish/repair my wood ring even if I didn’t get it from you?


Yes, select from our Teierd wood ring refinishing options here. As a leader in the niche of wood wedding rings, Gustav’s primary objective as far back as 2005 when he posted the first wood ring ever on Etsy which launched the wood wedding ring market was an understanding that there would be a need for care over time and that is why Gustav Reyes has designed the “Kintsugi Wood Ring” by Gustav Reyes. Please follow the link for more info.


Why did you close (sell your URL) simplywoodrings?

I ask my self that very question to this day. The short answer is while enjoyed every minute of working with the most wonderful customers in the world I did have difficulty with the business side. Someone I trusted let me down and that clouded my judgment for a time. Now we are back to be more of what we set out to do CHANGE THE WORLD! It would only be possible with your support. Thank you. The long story of why I sold the URL simplywoodrings is here.


What happened to the material/s I sent you?

We have it, and it has been cared for and will be available just as soon as we can sort thought it.


I loved Simply Wood Rings how can I help?

I have always struggled with the business side of this ie social media marketing and all-around organizational structure. So if you believe you can help please email with your idea thoughts. (Please no solicitations)