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The journey from simply wood rings to Gustav Wood Rings

It’s been a year since I sold the URL of Simply Wood Rings, and I have been able to process this. I come to realize that I did not sell the ethos of Simply Wood Rings. That ethos exists in connection with customers and remains very important to me. That ethos is continuing with Gustav Reyes Rings. I will incorporate the wooden wedding rings and continue to strive to elevate the work, because it is deeply meaningful to me. Over this time, it has allowed me to reassess what is important. That is why this new endeavor in terms of connecting the nonprofit with my work, is driving me more passionately forward. I humbly ask for your support on this new journey.  

I have gratefully had many connections with you in different ways. I have seen your families grow, and I have been a part of special moments in your lives. These cherished moments have significant meaning to me. I want to continue where we could allow it to grow in a different way. Not company based but more community-based. I have always espoused an honest connection with my customers that have visited the shop over the years. I want that to continue, and I appreciate the support many of you have shown me over the years. You have taken the material seriously, which has always been important. Wood sometimes does not get that recognition that it deserves. I have always respected it and realized that my customers recognized it. It reminds me about the first wood ring posted a wooden ring on Etsy in 2005. From that very moment, that first wooden ring has blossomed into a niche that I am proud to be a part of from the very beginning. This new venture is something that starts from taking a chance on something new and unexpected but has grown beyond what I can imagine. Now I want to channel that into Unido Arts and Gustav Reyes Wood Rings.  

All of you were part of a phenomenon that was novel and new. You allowed me to live my life and be artistically creative and stimulated in a very organic and natural exchange of energy. Many people came and brought their materials that sparked my creativity. I am honored to have been allowed in people’s lives in that way. I do not want to treat these wood rings like products. I continue to want to treat the wood rings like connections with humans in telling their story. We will be more of our natural selves rather than try to fit ourselves into a market. We look forward to you joining us on our website at We will be incorporating our trademark Birthwood™ wood rings and other designs into our webshop. I am delighted to announce that I brought back my assistant. She is a treasure to Gustav Reyes Wood Rings, who has endured many tribulations over this last year. She is one of the few people that have supported me through the whole process and remains hopeful for the future. It is my pleasure to announce that Yolanda Martinez will support Gustav Reyes Wood Rings. We are honored to have Yolanda’s craftsmanship in creating meaningful wood rings.    



To kick off Gustav Reyes, one of the first ring designs incorporates Kintsugi, the Japanese art of putting pottery back together. I appreciate that Kintsugi respected the materials. It was not about throwing something away and mass-producing it or buying and replacing it. It was about honoring the hand that crafted the original piece regardless if it broke as it happens in life. Bad things happen, but it is about how you put those pieces back together. Honoring the material as these artists did in using gold to repair and not to hide the broken aspect of the pottery but to enhance and shine a light on that life. Real-life is not about covering up. Gustav Reyes’ work has and always will honor the material that is used to make the wooden rings. The Kintsugi Wood Ring will be our launching product. It is taking the broken pieces of what Simply Wood Rings was and recreating by putting it back together but honoring the lessons we learned. In this process, we will honor the hand that crafted the original pice, all the while creating something new of the new. If you have a broken wood ring that is one of ours or purchased through another company, we would be glad to recreate it with the care we know it deserves.  

We look forward to creating new stories that will also help support our philanthropic cause.

to the wind and the stars...


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