Wood Ring Care


As with a 16th century Stradivarius violin, the longevity of Gustav Wood Rings are largely due to the amount of their care and use. If a violin is left unused, it will dry and disintegrate. With gentle, sustained use, each ring can be a long lasting transformation of a tree’s natural beauty.

We would be doing you a disservice if we claimed our work was as durable as metal rings. However, we can say that our work is much more durable than many people assume.
We use a bentwood process to craft our rings. This means that Gustav Wood Rings are created in such a way that allows the grain to run around the ring, creating a durable structure. Gustav Wood Rings works with nature, not against it.

When the finish is maintained, our rings can last for many years. And, we believe that wearing an organic, wooden ring means more than just owning an heirloom. Our wooden rings tell a story, and remind us to live our lives in the present moment.

The greatest determining factor to the ring's lifespan is the care it receives on a regular basis. These rings are designed to be lived in and incorporated into the pace of our lives; so, most of your daily activities are fine. The grain structure of Gustav Wood Rings makes our jewelry structurally sound, so you do not need to worry about splintering or breaking with these rings. Finally, we protect our wood with a transparent, waterproof finish.
Although, we recommend the ring be removed while showering, swimming, using chemicals or anything abrasive (i.e. sand), and pushing or pulling heavy objects (i.e. heavy couches, refrigerators). The occasional hand wash will not harm the ring as long as the finish is maintained. When the ring's finish does begin to wear, have no fear, we're here to refinish the ring and make it look brand new again. You can check out our Tier System of refinishing here. 

Care Instructions

Good wood ring care starts by avoiding  exposure to harsh chemicals, over-frequent washing/drying, extended submersion in water rough, treatment (e.g. wearing the ring while lifting or operating machinery). These are all things that can compromise the finish, and thereby, the integrity of the ring itself. The finish is the most important factor in keeping the ring in good condition and, if it is compromised, water can penetrate the wood--this damages the ring from the inside.

Gustav Wood Rings can withstand the occasional shower or hand wash, as long as moisture does not remain beneath the ring and finger.

The unfinished or natural rings require an occasional rub of beeswax.