Wood Rings Order Process

1. Select Your Wood

We work with a variety of reclaimed, recycled, and responsibly-sourced woods. Head to our materials page to learn more.

Have a piece of disused heirloom furniture waiting to be reincarnated? A baseball bat? The remains of an old climbing tree? A piece of wood from your last faraway adventure? We love that. To create the ring, we’ll need a piece of straight wood that is at least 2 x 2 x 12 inches. If your piece of smaller, you may choose to make it an inlay. Take a picture of the wood beside a standard ruler and have it ready for the design and collaborate phase!


2. Choose Inlay Materials.

Perhaps you’d like an all-wood ring, straightforward and elegant as you are (or as you aspire to be). Great! Move on down to the next step.

Would you like to include gemstones, shells, fossils, meteorites, sand, or something else? As with the wood, you can supply your own, or take a look at our Materials page for ideas and options. We work with minerals, rocks, and scientist-made stones to keep our sourcing cruelty-free.

3. Design & Collaborate.

We love talking to you. As artists ourselves, we’ll help you develop your design ideas into the ring you'll love to wear. You'll be able to talk to us about questions, possibilities, materials, and the delicious lunch you just had. We’ll be there to walk you through the whole wood ring order process. We’re a small, hardworking shop, and continuity of communication is something we value highly.

4. Enjoy the Pleasure of Anticipation.

Typically, a ring will take about six weeks to make. 

5. Receive Your One of A Kind Wood Ring

We ship by USPS Priority for free and UPS,FedEx, globally.
6. Shout It From The Rooftops.
As a small business, we thrive on referrals and word-of-mouth. Show off your ring proudly. We hope that you’ll appreciate it as much as we appreciate you.

Wood Ring Profiles

Soft Flat Cross Section

A slightly softer looking profile than totally flat.

D Cross Section

A ring profile with a round outside and a flat inside.

Reverse D Profile

Flat on the outside but a more comfortable wear.

Courting Profile

Slightly curved both on the outside and inside of the ring