Birch Wood with Garnet Inlay - January Birthwood Ring

Birch Wood with Garnet Inlay - January Birthwood Ring

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    Birchwood represents the Month of January. The birch tree is symbolic of rebirth and renewal. Birch is one of the strongest woods. It has the capability to repopulate damaged areas and adapt to harsh conditions. Birch has been used in the past for casts, once soaked in water and formed to a body part. We’ve paired our ring with a garnet which is January’s birthstone. Our birchwood is salvaged from local craftsmen.

    No two rings are exactly alike! Each ring is made by hand from start to finish, 
    Your ring will be custom made to your size. When placing your order, be sure to let me know what size you need in the "Comments Box".

    Please note there may be some variability in the color and grain of the wood, as well as the width and profile of your ring. If you have a specific color, width or profile preference, please make a note of this in the "Comments Box" during checkout. Otherwise, I am happy to use my artistic judgment to make these design choices for your one-of-a-kind, wooden ring. 

    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester